Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Giveaway From FELTRALICIOUS lagi

Huhuhu....cantiknye pouches kat atas ni...!
kalau la bole dpt... la hadiah utk pemenang GA Feltralicious.. last time i joined tp xmenang...sedihnye... moga kali ni dpt menang plk...!! tersangat2 excited to see and feel the pouches.. suka tgk jahitan bunga tu... mgkin kak wana bole ajar kot...hehehe..

so to all of u, kalau berminat nk cuba dptkan pouches ter'hot' ni,
ape yg u all kena buat adalah :

1) Jd follower blog ni, sape2 mmg dh jd follower then bole skip this step 2) Must spread the word about this giveaway in u all punye blog. 3) Jangan lupa, leave a comment that you're joining this GA and ur email address. 4) Last but not least, only 1 comment per entry yer..

And to FB friends, just leave a comment and your FB link.

for further info, go to

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