Tuesday, March 22, 2011

MAM : Ultivent Anti Colic Feeding Bottle

MAM : Ultivent 260ml Anti Colic Feeding Bottle
RM 39.90
MAM : Ultivent 260ml Anti Colic Feeding Bottle X 2 pcs
RM 78.90

MAM : Ultivent 160ml Anti Colic Feeding Bottle x 2 pcs
RM 70.90

MAM : Ultivent 160ml Anti Colic Feeding Bottle
RM 36.90

Why Ultivent?

Without a doubt, nursing provides the best and healthiest nutrition for your baby. The unique composition of mother’s milk strengthens the immune system and the intense contact between you and your baby makes nursing something completely special.

Nevertheless, it is possible that, as a mother, you may decide on the alternative of bottle-feeding or of combining bottle-feeding with nursing.

The perfectly-coordinated interaction among the suction cup, bottle, and valve of the Care bottle makes it possible for you to make an easy transition between nursing and bottle-feeding.

Voted! Best Buy Baby Products

- MAM Care Anti-Colic Bottle (ULTIvent) MAM Care Silken Suction Cup promotes natural sucking just like as when at mother's breast
- The anti-colic bottle valve means less bubbles, and thus more comfort for your baby
- The base of the bottle can be unscrewed, making for easy and thorough cleaning
- The protective cap locks the suction cup on for easy transport without spills
- The clear quantity markings facilitate precise measurements
- MAM Care bottles are made of polypropylene and do not contain bisphenol A

Product Characteristic

This product comes with UltiVent Teat Slow Flow.

With innovative base valve and valve openings in the base of the bottle. During the drinking process, the base valve adjusts the liquid quantity drunk with a gentle and continuous air supply. This way, there will be no negative pressure in the bottle, and the stream will be as consistent as with nursing. Additionally, the constant pressure balance prevents the liquid from frothing and thus prevents colic. You and your baby can experience the difference!

For all above item, booking must be made from 18th March 2011
till 1st April 2011..
(Full payment is needed : last payment is on 1st April 2011)
Strictly for serious buyer only..
Item will be ready early April 2011. Confirm date will be informed later.
If you have any question or you would like to order,
kindly email to me

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